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Whether it is an RV for a family adventure, a Boat for lake weekends or a SXS for your next hunting trip, making sure your vehicles are properly maintained and serviced is critical to continued functionality and safety. Unfortunately, most vehicle parts are not designed to last forever, so making sure each component is operating correctly is essential to preventing breakdowns on a remote forest trail or in the middle of the lake. At High Caliber Auto, Marine, and Powersports we are happy to explore maintenance

RV Maintenance and Repair

Ready to take the family for an adventure?  Make sure your RV is ready for the trip!  With over 35 years of RV, Marine and Powersports experience, High Caliber Auto, Marine and Powersports knows a few things about keeping your RV road-ready.  Our technicians are happy to give your investment a full inspection and offer cost-effective solutions to any diagnosed issues.  From HVAC and plumbing, to tire hubs, roof leaks and appliance replacement, we are here to help you keep your RV ready for the adventure ahead.  

Boat Maintenance, Repair & Winterization

High Caliber is dedicated to helping you maintain your vehicles and keep them ready and safe for your next outing yet not all service is repair-related. We also offer boat winterization when the season is over. This includes everything from emptying water from the engine, applying antifreeze, and even shrink-wrapping the vessel to protect it from the harsh winter elements.

And when spring hits, we are here to take care of your inspections and tune-ups to get you back out on the lake. Much like automobiles and road vehicles, boats need routine maintenance to keep each component functional. So once the winter shrinkwrap is removed in the spring, our team will perform a series of checks and inspections to ensure parts are working correctly, including the radio, navigation lights, spark plugs, water and bilge pumps, and the battery.

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At High Caliber Auto, Marine & Powersports, we are dedicated to keeping you safe on both the land and the lakes. We can help you keep your favorite RV, Boat, and Powersports vehicle in pristine condition! If you have any questions or concerns about getting your vehicle serviced, feel free to call us at (208) 966-4500 and we’ll be happy to help you over the phone.